Katedra Dydaktyki Przekładu

Translation specialization was created for full-time BA studies in the English philology in 2010. However, translation courses were introduced as early as 1991 in accordance with Polish standards. Nowadays, students in their second year of undergraduate studies are offered a variety of translation courses that develop their translation competencies. The courses they may take during their BA studies include: Translation, Interpreting, Introduction to Translation Studies, Translation Theory, Text Analysis, Translation Pragmatics, Grammar and Stylistics of the Polish Language, Languages for Special Purposes, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Translators and Interpreters Profession and Creative Writing. Students after third, fourth and fifth semester have internships and work placements in translation agencies, corporations and private companies run by sworn translators.

Students of MA studies may continue their translation education or may select a different specialization as such areas as linguistics, cultural studies and literature are on offer.

From 2012 we teach our students CAT tools. Students are introduced to cloud-based translation memory systems such as MemSource and Lionbridge Translation Workspace and have extensive classes in Trados. They also learn terminology management by building their own glossaries and term bases and are familiarized with extended translation projects which involve translation of the specialised text (approx. 2,000 words) using CAT tools, building a glossary/termbase for this translation and writing a translation commentary. We have also introduced courses in audiovisual translation and Computer-Assisted Translation.