Katedra Dydaktyki Przekładu

Established in 2012, the Chair for Translator Education is part of the Institute of English Studies at the Pedagogical University of Kraków, dedicated to translation research with a strong focus on translation pedagogy. Our team have been devoted to translation research for some time already, but it is only recently that we have evolved into a separate organizational unit that researches topics in translation education. Translation Studies in Poland is a vibrant discipline both in its theoretical and applied dimension, with a long history of literary and comparative studies. Academically and practically oriented translation courses of various profiles are taught at most universities. Yet there is no training for translation teachers and the choice of teaching materials per se for practical and theoretical translation classes is not overwhelming, even for the most popular languages such as English and German. Our goal is to research topics in the pedagogy of translation to enhance the development of the discipline and contribute to improvement of methodological tools for teachers of translation primarily in Poland, but also abroad. We are active on Polish and international TS scene through cooperation with research institutes and translation business, conference and seminar organization, participation in international projects and publications.

The Head of the Chair is Prof. Joanna Dybiec-Gajer.

Our Chair consists of academics with background in modern languages such as Polish, English and German. Their research interests include:

  • Translation Studies as an autonomous academic discipline
  • the translator’s decision process (strategic translating)
  • methodology for teaching translation and translator training
  • translation curriculum
  • anthropological and ethnographic translation research
  • intercultural pragmatics
  • translation of pragmatic texts, certified translations,
  • translation quality and assessment methods
  • translation competence
  • translator’s learning strategies
  • community interpreting, audiovisual translation
  • LSP translation
  • terminology management

Apart from pedagogical and terminological focus, other research areas include:

  • cognitive linguistics in translation analysis
  • travel writing in translation
  • religious literature in translation
  • comparative literature

The Chair members are experienced sworn and technical translators, native speakers, content editors and proofreaders. Thanks to diversified disciplines of expertise, the Chair is able to conduct various research works and may offer a wide selection of translation courses to the students. The Chair cooperates with research institutes and private companies both in the country and abroad.