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Conference Language of the Third Millennium XIII: Language in the Face of Technology – March 2024

  • access_time 10 November 2023

The thirteenth edition of the conference “Language of the Third Millennium” seeks to bring together a wide range of academics to explore various dimensions of language in the face of technology. Diverse factors viewed as determining the use of language in the digital age – from multimodality, memetics, and asynchrony to artificial intelligence, algorithms, and fake news – have emerged as important topics in research and the media. Technological advancements have had a major impact on the ways and modes of communication, leading to fundamental changes at both the individual and the population level. The event aims at the integration of the international scholarly community and is directed primarily at linguists, translators, modern philologists, and other researchers in related fields, including PhD students. The conference is also open to practitioners who wish to join in the study of language, translation, cross-cultural communication or foreign language teaching in the digital age.

More information: Język trzeciego tysiąclecia XIII: Język w obliczu technologii – Tertium