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Clear writing for Europe 2023

  • access_time 1 lutego 2023

Clear writing for Europe 2023 will explore the theme of Supporting European democracy and transparency through clear language. How can we in national administrations and the EU communicate more clearly in writing with the citizens of Europe? How is plain language being used to promote democracy? And how is plain language put into practice when communicating on key EU policies?

Got an interesting story to share? We want to hear from you! The call for proposals to present at the conference runs until 03 March.

Practical information
Tuesday 23 May 2023, 09:00 CEST – Wednesday 24 May 2023, 12:30 CEST
Brussels, Belgium
Who should attend
Clear writing representatives from all Member States
Directorate-General for Translation

More information:  https://commission.europa.eu/events/clear-writing-europe-2023-2023-05-23_en

Dyżury pracowników

Dr Małgorzata Brożyna-Reczko:
czwartek, 13.00-13.45 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr Mira Czarnecka:
wtorek, 17.30-18.15 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr hab. Joanna Dybiec-Gajer, prof. UP:
poniedziałek, 9.00-9.45 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr hab. Agnieszka Gicala, prof. UP:
urlop naukowy (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr Jan Gościński:
środa, 13.00-13.45 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr Małgorzata Kodura:
poniedziałek, 12.15-13.00 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr Ewelina Kwiatek:
środa, 12.15-13.00 (semestr letni 22/23)
Dr Piotr Plichta:
czwartek, 10.30-11.15 (semestr letni 22/23)

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